Prophecy of Hope Ministry

Why do wars, terrorism, and other tragedies keep happening? Will there ever be world peace? Is it possible to find happiness and contentment in life? Does God care about what is going on in the world today? Can we really know and understand Bible prophecy? The truth is, we can face the future with confidence, because God has given us His inspired Word the Bible! Join the Prophecies of Hope team as they present many themes of Bible prophecy. 

Mark is an evangelist who has a tremendous passion for Mark Martinstudying the Bible and sharing with others. Over the past 21 years Mark has spoken to thousands of people and conducted hundreds of Bible studies individually and in homes. He presents in depth, powerful and inspiring messages from God’s Word the Bible and uses illustrations that make it easy for anyone to understand. People from many denominations and backgrounds have enjoyed Mark’s presentations. We are sure you will too!


Growing up in a large family with a strong Protestant Rick Tylerbackground, Rick makes his relationship with God his first priority. His time in personal and group bible study are very important to him. Growing in relation to God, through His only begotten Son Jesus, and making everlasting friendships with other believers is his primary focus. Rick is always ready to share and discuss a new concept from God’s Word and feels energized to present exciting, life changing topics in the Prophecies of Hope seminars.


Ed ShortEd truly enjoys teaching and participating in small group Bible studies. He loves studying and discovering what the Bible has to say to him personally. Ed’s passion for the gems found in God’s Word the Bible is apparent in the depth of his dedication to sharing those truths with others. In his sermons, Ed shares what the Bible has to say about current events and how these Biblical principles allow us to be “in the world, but not of the world”.